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Silver Gold Cleansing Solution / free clip + silver polishing cloth/ 洗银金水/送夹子+擦银布 (S350)

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送一个夹子方便使用 + 1片擦银布

洗银水适用于洗黄金和S925/990/999等纯银饰品, 但是同一瓶水不能金银混用!


擦银布用的黑,不能再用的地步,就可以扔掉换新的。 擦银布,是指银布以植物纤维为基材,加入抛光粉和去污成分。专用于银制品清洁,银器易氧化发黑,用此布擦拭表面,即可恢复光亮如新。 直接擦拭发黑的银饰至光亮即可;此布可以反复使 用,不可清洗。

Very easy and good to use  silver washing water, giving your blackened silver jewelry a new look.

Each bottle free a clip for easy to use + 1pc Silver Polishing Cloth
A bottle with a capacity of 40ml.
Bottle size: 65*35*35mm

This silver washing solution can wash gold and sterling silver jewelry such as S925/990/999, but the same bottle of water cannot mix gold and silver! Silver plating and old style method silver jewelry or with jewelry stone cannot be used. It can be used repeatedly and recycled after use.

Make it look new while not hurting the silver. Soak the silver jewellery in the solution for 15 to 60 seconds, then clamp it and rinse it with natural water for a few minutes, and dry it with a tissue or dry cloth.

Free 1pc Silver Polishing Cloth
suitable for silver jewelry that has been oxidized and turned black. You can wipe it with this silver wiping cloth to restore the brightness!

Specially used for cleaning silver item that turn black. Wipe the surface with this cloth to restore the brightness as new. Simply wipe the blackened silver jewelry until it is bright; this cloth can be used repeatedly and cannot be washed.
Avoid touching the silver cloth with water.