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S9999 Silver Bangle 万足银开口手镯 (E1465)

RM 199.00

S9999 pure silver Lucky word open bangle,  elegant style!
The size can be adjusted. It can be worn with big hands and small hands. There are four-leaf clover and love pattern beside the word Lucky! Wear a sense of fashion and show your personality! A great gift for self-wearing!

The width is about 5mm and Thickness 1.4mm.
The inside of the bangle is engraved with Chinese word as below:
(the person I like is a hero of the world, one day he will step on a colorful cloud to marry me)

S9999万足银 Lucky幸运开口手镯,亚面文艺优雅风格!可以调节大小。大手小手都可以佩戴。Lucky 字旁边有四叶草和爱心图案!佩戴时尚感,显个性!自戴送礼之佳品!

宽厚约 5mm x 1.4mm,手镯内面刻字 ( 我的意中人是个盖世英雄 总有一天他会踩着七彩云来娶我 )