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Silver Jewelry Polishing StickPad Bar 1pc 首饰擦银抛光棒 (S946)

RM 5.00

Silver polishing stick can be said to be the enhanced version of the silver cloth, which is difficult to clean silver jewelry more shining. Size Length Width Thickness: 8.6cm*1.9cm*0.7cm (price for 1pc unit) 

It has two sides which is white and green. 

1. The green side can remove traces with a matte effect. 

2. The white side is for the silver glazing. After using, the silver will bright as new. 

3. For pure silver, first we can use the green side to remove the oxidized layer on the surface, and then grind out the shiny surface by using the white side. 

擦银棒可以说是擦银布的加强版,较难擦干净的银饰,可再选用擦银棒,并且还有抛光的功效,使得首饰更光亮。 尺寸长宽厚:8.6cm*1.9cm*0.7cm。



 2、白色一面为银器上光使用,使用以后银器光亮如新 。