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Natural White Crystal Agate Chalcedony Pixiu Bracelet 12mm 天然白水晶玛瑙玉髓貔貅手串 (E728)

RM 239.00

材质:天然白水晶 (约12mm)
材质:天然玛瑙玉髓貔貅 35*19.5*11mm




Material: Natural White Crystal
Size: about 12mm
Material: Natural Agate Chalcedony (Pixiu)
Size: about 35*19.5*11mm
Inner length: about 17.5cm
Item: Actual unit as the picture. Very Beautiful.

White crystal maintains health, balances the body, mind and emotions of the individual, helps to concentrate, and is of great help to health. White crystals can be placed on the desk to help children strengthen concentration and memory, thereby improving academic performance.

At the same time, white crystal has the most balanced energy, and it is the best as "amulets" and "peace charms". Wearing white crystal accessories often can make the individual's mind clear and refreshing, and can improve work efficiency. Sitting and meditation will strengthen the source of personal inspiration and make the mind more agile. White crystal can reduce its radiation and protect the human body from too much interference from electromagnetic waves.

When you carry the white crystal with you, its magnetic field will help you block some undesirable magnetic field attacks, which is what we commonly call blocking. The energy of the white crystal can effectively improve the free spirit, stimulate the potential, nourish the body and adjust the qi, and make the spirit more peaceful. The role of luck.

Wearing agate is an excellent gemstone that helps to rebalance and coordinate the body and enhance the mind and spirit. It can purify negative energy, make people energetic, relieve heat, and its energy can attract wealth for people, good for health. It is a good luck stone.