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Natural Rose Quartz White Crystal Aquamarine Bracelet 10.5mm 天然粉水晶海蓝宝白水晶手串 (E1426)

RM 129.00

天然粉水晶 (约10.5mm),天然海蓝宝 (10.5mm),天然爆花晶白水晶 (10.7mm),内长约17cm。 发同图。清新的配搭有着独特个性的美感!

粉水晶有助于改善人际关系、生意缘、促进人缘的功效,是开门做生意的最佳利器。粉水晶有助于健康、可松弛安稳紧张情绪的功效, 舒缓烦躁心情、改善情感危机、减少感情烦恼、治疗心灵伤痛的功效。





Natural Rose Quartz Crystal 10.5mm, Natural Aquamarine 10.5mm, Natural White Crystal 10.7mm. Inner lenght about 17cm. Actual unit.

Rose Quartz Crystal helps to improve interpersonal relationship, business relationship, and promotes the effect of popularity. It is the best crystal to open the door to do business. Rose Quartz Crystal  has the effect of  relaxing and calming the tension, improving emotional crises, reducing emotional troubles, and curing spiritual pain.

The white crystals very beautiful. White crystal maintains health, balances the individual's body, mind and emotions, helps to concentrate, and is of great help to health. Helps to strengthen concentration and memory. Wearing white crystal accessories often can make the individual's mind clear and refreshing, and can improve work efficiency.

Sitting and meditation will strengthen the source of personal inspiration and make the mind more agile. White crystal can reduce its radiation and protect the human body from too much interference from electromagnetic waves.

When you carry the white crystal with you, its magnetic field will help you block some undesirable magnetic field attacks, which is what we commonly call blocking.

Aquamarine is also known as the stone of the brave, and the symbol of happiness and luck. Wearing aquamarine can make people brave, confident, foresight, and calmly deal with problems. In the eyes of business people, it symbolizes the broad view of the sea, and because of its unique "good luck" effect, it is also called "the stone of good fortune". Therefore, Aquamarine also has the effect of attracting wealth.

Reminder: The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inevitable. The details are subject to the actual item received.

Natural crystals have natural cotton wool, ice cracks, inner inclusions, etc. These are all normal phenomena. The products of nature are not perfect, they are formed naturally.