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Natural Peridot Pendant Necklace 天然橄榄石吊坠项链 (S795)

RM 109.00

天然橄榄石半银吊坠项链,可以调节长短40cm-44cm。宽厚:21mm * 5.6mm。



Natural peridot half-silver pendant necklace, which can be adjusted in length from 40cm to 44cm.
Width Thickness: 21mm * 5.6mm.

Peridot is beautiful in color and gives people a feeling of comfort and happiness, so it is known as the "stone of happiness". It is helpful for people who are irritable, jealous, conceited, and melancholic. It can stabilize the nervousness, anxiety, depression, and sleep. In ancient times, wars between some tribes often expressed peace by giving each other olivine. It helps to dispel the negative energy of tension, anxiety and depression, bring fresh and happy energy, soothe the nerves, relieve tension.

Green energy helps gather wealth.  The green light emitted by olivine helps attract wealth energy and is known as the light of wealth. Wearing olivine helps to bring lucky energy, easy to get help from noble people and get better opportunities.