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Natural Pearl Garnet Bracelet 天然珍珠石榴石手串 (S484)

RM 89.00

天然石榴石 (约3.8mm)
天然珍珠随型 (约7mm)



珍珠在医学上具有安神定惊、清热益阴、明目解毒、收口生肌等功效。 尤其女士在月经期间、戴珍珠可以起到较好的调节、缓和作用。 同时使皮肤格外光洁、细腻,早晚用珍珠轻轻按摩皮肤,也有护肤、美容和去斑消皱的作用。



Natural Garnet: about 3.8mm
Natural pearl: about 7mm
Inner length: about 15.5cm
Elegant and noble to wear. send randomly.

Garnet is warm and bright, beautiful and majestic. Garnet can help to improve blood problems, promote circulation, increase vitality, and then get the effect of beauty. It is the first choice of ladies. Helps to strengthen the body's regenerative capacity and can accelerate wound healing. For workers who often stay up late, work overtime, and are tired day and night, they can actively recover their physical strength.

In medicine, pearls have the functions of calming nerves and convulsions, improving eyesight and detoxification. Especially for women during menstruation, wearing pearls can play a better regulating and relaxing effect. At the same time, it makes the skin extra smooth and delicate. Use pearls to gently massage the skin in the morning and evening. It also has the effect of skin care, beautification, and wrinkle removal.

At the same time, the natural pearl bracelet has the effects of calming the mind, maintaining the skin, maintaining health, delaying and aging.

Reminder: The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inevitable. The details are subject to the actual item received.

Natural crystals have natural cotton wool, ice cracks, inner inclusions, etc. These are all normal phenomena. The products of nature are not perfect, they are formed naturally.