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Natural Peach Wood Carved Attletail Fish Pendant Necklace 天然桃木雕纹翘尾鱼吊坠项链 (E864)

RM 89.00

尺寸:吊坠约 74*35*18mm
项链:约 66cm-90cm左右 (可调节)





Material: Natural Peach Wood
Size: Pendant about 74*35*18mm
Necklace: about 66cm-90cm (adjustable)
Features: This pendant is hand-carved by aged peach wood craftsmen, so each pattern is slightly different, and they are all independent and stylish.

For thousands of years, peach wood has the theory of preventing calamity and avoiding evil, and is called sacred wood.

Peach wood  has the theory of preventing evil and disease, prolonging life. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that the peach tree is warm in nature, has the effects of calming and dispelling pathogens, helping transport and repaying peace, promoting blood circulation, resolving stasis, promoting brain calming, and promoting human metabolism.

Peach wood carving occupies an extremely important position in folk art. At the same time, because its handicrafts have the effect of warding off evil spirits, praying for good fortune, and prolonging life, they are indeed rare auspicious items for people.

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