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Natural Obsidian Pixiu Bracelet 10mm 天然冰曜石貔貅手串 (E932)

RM 199.00

Material: Natural obsidian, Stylish and beautiful with copper plated 18k gold beads
Beads: About 10mm
Inner length: About 18cm, big wrist can wear.
Pixiu Size: Length, width & thickness 36.4 x 16.5 x 10.5mm

Pixiu attracts wealth!Pixiu was a beast with a strong ability to attract money, so it was loved by many people. It is an auspicious beast, such as lucky money, warding off evil spirits, gathering wealth, and ensuring safety.

Obsidian has always been regarded as a gem that is extremely warding off evil and can dissolve negative energy. It is the best amulet and warding off evil to wear obsidian with you. It helps to eliminate fatigue, stress, and quickly restore physical strength, improve physical vitality and endurance, it is the gem that can protect health the most; for people with bad luck, most of the turbidity is too heavy, good luck stone.

Obsidian can enhance vitality, restore people's mental and physical strength, and have a good balance effect on office workers and creative workers who overuse their brains. It can make people stable, relieve stress, calm down, and eliminate emotional distress. It can also strengthen the ability to act, enhance the charisma, centripetal force, and help the cause of the leader. It is also called the "leadership stone".

尺寸:约10mm / 内长约18cm, 手腕大的可以戴
貔貅:长宽厚 36.4 x 16.5 x 10.5mm