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Natural Obsidian Pendant 天然黑曜石吊坠 (E1358)

RM 89.00

尺寸:长宽厚约 29*29.5*8mm




Material: Natural Obsidian
Length Width Thickness: about 29*29.5*8mm
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Obsidian has always been regarded as a gem that is extremely warding off evil and can dissolve negative energy. IHelps eliminate fatigue, stress, headaches, absorbs and eliminates body sickness  and quickly restores physical strength, improves physical weakness, improves physical vitality and endurance. It is the gem that can protect health best.

Obsidian can enhance vitality, restore human spirit and physical strength, and has a good balance effect on office workers and creative workers who overuse their brains. It can make people stable, relieve stress, calm down, and eliminate emotional distress. It can also strengthen the power of action, enhance the charisma, centripetal force, and help the cause of the leader.

Warm reminder: During the formation of obsidian, there are also tiny pores, and some impurities will generate fine white spots inside. These are all normal phenomena and they are all naturally formed.