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Natural Moonstone Citrine Bracelet 11.5mm 天然月光石黄水晶手串 (S772)

RM 359.00

尺寸:约 11.5mmx12.5mm
内长:约 16.5cm



黄水晶发出黄色的宇宙能量,俗称财富之石, 以收聚财之效;被人们称为“商人之石”。并且能稳定事业发展,与财富频率相近,能够带来财运。温和的黄光能给人的心灵注入和谐的动力,同时能加强灵气,令人们充满自信与喜悦,助于消解紧张情绪!



Natural Moonstone: 11.5mm
Natural Citrine:12.5mm
Inner length: about 16.5cm
Items: Actual unit

Permeable and moist, so beautiful! Moonstone symbolizes health, wealth and longevity. It can also bring you good luck and a good mood. Moonstone is helpful for sleep, with soft energy, strong delicate penetration, melting and permeating characteristics, and can bring people a calm demeanor and elegant demeanor. It can smooth the intense side of the wearer's impulse, thereby stabilizing the wearer's excitement.

Let the wearer feel calm and return to a rational attitude, so when you are impulsive or feel irritable, you may wish to wear moonlight to relieve your own emotions. Contributes to refreshing thinking, brain thinking, psychic, conducive to clear thinking. Feel the beauty of moonlight.

If the personality is too straightforward, and the speech, behavior, and behavior are often too abrupt and inappropriate for the occasion and atmosphere, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry to improve the temperament from the inside out, so as to bring a calm demeanor and elegant attitude.

Citrine emits yellow cosmic energy. It is commonly known as the stone of wealth. It is mainly for wealth and can prosper and collect wealth; it is called the "merchant's stone". And it can stabilize career development, is similar to the frequency of wealth, and can bring wealth.

Gentle yellow light can inject harmonious power into the soul, and at the same time strengthen the spiritual energy, make people full of confidence and joy, help relieve tension, and help digestive system functions such as the stomach.

Citrine symbolizes happiness, health, and wealth. It can adjust people's emotions, make people calm,  Therefore, the frequent wearing of citrine greatly enhances one's self-confidence, no longer hesitate in encounters, full of confidence, and decisiveness in encounters.

Reminder: Natural moonstone has natural cotton wool, ice cracks, minerals, etc. These are all normal phenomena.  The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inevitable. The details are subject to the actual item received.