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Natural Moonstone Bracelet 11.5mm 天然月光石手串 (E1155)

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提醒:天然月光石有天然的棉絮,冰裂纹,矿物质等,这些都属于正常现象,大自然的产物没十全十美,是天然形成的。 产品均为实物拍摄,因光线、角度、不同的显示器如电脑,笔记本,手机等,造成的色差都是难以避免的,详情都以实物收到为准。

Material: Natural Moonstone
Size: about 11.5mm
Inner length: about 17cm
Items: Actual unit

Permeable and moist, so beautiful! Moonstone symbolizes health, wealth and longevity. It can also bring you good luck and a good mood. Moonstone is helpful for sleep, with soft energy, strong delicate penetration, melting and permeating characteristics, and can bring people a calm demeanor and elegant demeanor. It can smooth the intense side of the wearer's impulse, thereby stabilizing the wearer's excitement.

Let the wearer feel calm and return to a rational attitude, so when you are impulsive or feel irritable, you may wish to wear moonlight to relieve your own emotions. Contributes to refreshing thinking, brain thinking, psychic, conducive to clear thinking. Feel the beauty of moonlight.

If the personality is too straightforward, and the speech, behavior, and behavior are often too abrupt and inappropriate for the occasion and atmosphere, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry to improve the temperament from the inside out, so as to bring a calm demeanor and elegant attitude.

Reminder: Natural moonstone has natural cotton wool, ice cracks, minerals, etc. These are all normal phenomena.  The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inevitable. The details are subject to the actual item received.