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Natural Larimar Pendant 天然海纹石吊坠 (S930)

RM 129.00

Natural larimar pendant with 14k silver plated, 12mm size pendant.

Its blue color with irregular white stripes interspersed with waves, it is also called "marine stone" . It has ocean-like blue, and white forms, like waves blooming in the sea.

 Larimar cools tempers and calms fears, relieves stress and nurtures the physical and emotional bodies. It is powerful in meditation and in connecting to the Divine Feminine, and is particularly helpful in releasing emotional bonds, patterns or principles that no longer serve the highest good. A stone of clear communication, it provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from the heart.  

天然海纹石吊坠12mm, 14k镀银。


海纹石有着清凉、抒解、透析的能量,有融化、释放的功能,对应喉轮。 海纹石有助于清洁、净化各个脉轮的负能量、纠结的复杂情结,使归于宁静。 海纹石能够帮助人们客观地反观、审视、评量自己的思想、行为模式,进而改善,是一种能够促进自省的宝石。 有助于化解好辩、好争、好斗的个性,使之祥和。