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Natural Jade Pendant 天然岫玉四叶草吊坠 (E1267)

RM 159.00

尺寸:长宽厚约 25*24*6mm







Material: Natural Xiuyu Jade
Size: about 25*24*6mm in length, width and thickness
Items: Randomly send, elegant and noble.

Four-leaf clover is a symbol of happiness, also called lucky clover. People think that it will bring good luck and harvest happiness, so the lucky clover comes from this. Legend has it that each leaf in the four-leaf clover has a different meaning:

The first leaf represents true love,
The second leaf, representing health,
The third leaf, representing wealth and glory,
The fourth leaf, representing happiness,

Whether it is to express love, family or friendship, the four-leaf clover pendant is the perfect choice in people's minds.

【Xiuyu Jade】is one of the four famous jades in Chinese history. It is auspicious, can drive away evil spirits, has spirituality, can also attract wealth, can protect the owner, often wear jade, it can also replenish the moisture of jade and keep jade moist.

Experts believe that: [Jade] is said to be calm, soothe the nerves, heal diseases, and maintain peace. Jade is beautiful in color and has an antique flavor, which makes the wearer more prominent. It is very suitable for gifts or self-wearing.

Warm reminder: Natural jade such as natural jade patterns, jade threads, asbestos, stone patterns, minerals, black spots, etc., are normal phenomena. The color difference caused by light, angle, different monitors such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. is unavoidable, and the details are subject to the actual item receipt.