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Natural Green Sandalwood Bracelet 8mm 天然绿檀木手串 (E612)

RM 39.00

尺寸:约 8mm
内长:约 15.5cm

天然绿檀木,随身佩戴可以提神醒脑, 辟邪、纳福、招财的功效,通常供为吉祥之物,有灵气保佑平安,实在是祈福保健的不二选择。绿檀木质地紧密坚硬,呈现出大自然漂亮的木纹,手感滑润细腻,木质散发出独特的清淡檀香味,长期戴在身上对身体大有好处。


Material: Natural Green Sandalwood
Size: about 8mm
Inner Length: 15.5cm
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Natural green sandalwood, worn with you, can refresh the brain,  and attract wealth. It is usually provided as auspicious and has aura to protect peace. It is really a blessing for health care. It is good for the body health.

Reminder: Do not touch the wooden bracelet with water. If it is dirty, wipe it off with a cloth. The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are unavoidable. The details are subject to the actual receipt.