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Natural Gold Obsidian Silver S925 Pixiu Bracelet 6mm 天然金曜石貔貅纯银手串 (E1005)

RM 189.00

Material: Natural Golden Obsidian
Szie: About 6mm
Pixiu: s925 Silver, Length width thickness about 18 x 8.8 x 8mm
Item: Send randomly

The characteristic of golden obsidian is to attract wealth. The black primary color is extremely warding away from evil spirits, and can strongly dissolve negative energy.

The golden noble energy has the effect of attracting wealth. The two are combined and complement each other. It can make people stable, relieve stress, calm down, eliminate emotional distress, and strengthen mobility, enhance leadership charm and centripetal force.

Gold obsidian is the best of obsidian, it can enhance vitality, restore people's mental and physical strength, and have a good balance effect on office workers and creative workers who overuse their brains.

Reminder : The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inevitable. The details are subject to the actual item received.

尺寸:约6mm / 多圈


金曜石的特点,就是招财, 黑色的原色极度辟邪, 能强力化解负能量, 金色贵气具有招财的功效, 两结合在一起,相得益彰。可使人稳重,舒缓压力,心平气和,消除情绪困扰,并可加强行动力,增强领袖魅力、向心力。