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Natural Garnet Bracelet 天然石榴石手串 (E1352)

RM 89.00

天然石榴石,尺寸可调节长短,(物品) 随机而发。石榴石浓郁的色彩,非常具有魅力!无论自戴或送礼都非常合适。

石榴石招来幸福与永恒的爱情,增加自信,对抗忧郁,帮助人面对过去的创伤回忆,达到平静喜悦的心境 。同时也能增加人思考时的灵感,避邪化煞,成为不受外力侵犯的护身石。石榴石可以帮助人体快速的恢复体力,对于经常熬夜加班的工作者,有效改善加班的疲劳。


Natural Garnet, can adjustable size, (items) send randomly. The rich color of garnet is very attractive! Whether it is self-wearing or gift-giving, it is very suitable.

Garnet invites happiness and eternal love, increases self-confidence, fights against depression, helps people face past traumatic memories, and achieves a state of peace and joy. At the same time, it can also increase people's inspiration when thinking, avoid evil and transform evil, and become a body stone that is not violated by external forces. Garnet can help the human body quickly recover physical strength, and for workers who often stay up late to work overtime, it can effectively improve the fatigue of overtime work.