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Natural Garnet Amethyst Ring 天然石榴石紫水晶戒指(S637)

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在很早以前,它被用作驱魔辟邪的宝石。有助于舒缓压力,减轻每个月的经痛, 促进血液循环 ,促进新陈代谢, 美容养颜。


What a beautiful design! Crystal clear! Half-silver inlays can be adjusted in size.

Garnet is warm and bright, beautiful and majestic, just like its name, garnet is reminiscent of red pomegranate full of fruit. Colorful garnet, the inner meaning of the symbol is exhilarating, and its power can make the dreams of hardworking people come true. Just as the pomegranate changes from a small seed to a fruity tree, it symbolizes the driving force of power and victory.

Long ago, it was used as a gem of exorcism and evil spirits. It helps relieve stress, promote blood circulation, promote metabolism, and beautify the skin.

Amethyst helps to attract wealth, attract good people, bring good luck, and inspire wisdom. It helps to calm the nerves, alleviate violent tempers, and stabilize emotions. Strengthen memory and concentration, amethyst helps to enhance exam luck, and it is also the guardian stone of love crystal.