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Natural Crystal Degaussed Gravel 天然黄活水晶碎石摆件+消磁 (Y416)

RM 89.00

Material: Natural Citrine Crushed Stone
Weight: 200 grams

With glass bowl: Height & width
about 10.5cm x 8.7cm

Pure natural live crystal gravel ornaments are very good degaussing tools, which can purify the crystal bracelets or pendants  to achieve the best effect.

It has strong energy and is commonly known as the stone of wealth. It symbolizes happiness, health, and good fortune. It can also prevent radiation.

Placing live crystals at home or in the company can prevent radiation, and also condense blessings, attract wealth, and increase popularity, self-confidence, health and business relationships.

(Degaussing method) Put the crystal jewelry to be degaussed on the degaussing stone; it can be taken out after a few hours, or it can be left overnight to make the energy sufficient. It is recommended to demagnetize it once a week to keep it pure.

After each demagnetization, you can wash the broken crystal stone with clean water to demagnetize the broken crystal itself to remove negative energy. When the broken crystal is not in use, it can be placed in a cool place. It is recommended that after receiving the natural crystal degaussing crushed stone, clean it and place it in a cool place to let it dry, and then start degaussing the bracelet.

附带玻璃碗:约高宽 10.5cm x 8.7cm

纯天然活水晶碎石摆件是非常好的消磁工具, 可以净化自己带的水晶手串或吊坠,以达到最佳效果。

功效 - 黄活水晶的能量强烈,俗称财富之石,象征着快乐,健康,招财开运,还可防辐射、净化身上的浊气,还可以调整人们的情绪,使冷静稳重处理事务。


消磁的方法 - 将需要消磁的水晶首饰等放在消磁石上面;几个小时后便可以取出来,或也可以放一个晚上,使能量达到充足的补充。建议每个星期可消磁一次来保持它的纯净。