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Natural Citrine Ring 天然黄水晶戒指 (S653)

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Crystal clear! Extremely Beautiful! Natural lucky citrine ring, half-silver inlay can be adjusted in size.

Citrine It is commonly known as the stone of wealth. It is mainly for wealth and can prosper and collect wealth; it is called the "merchant's stone". And it can stabilize career development, is similar to the frequency of wealth, and can bring wealth.

Gentle yellow light can inject harmonious power into the soul, and at the same time strengthen the spiritual energy, make people full of confidence and joy, help relieve tension!

Citrine symbolizes happiness, health, and wealth. It can adjust people's emotions, make people calm,  Therefore, the frequent wearing of citrine greatly enhances one's self-confidence, no longer hesitate in encounters, full of confidence, and decisiveness in encounters.