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Natural Citrine Amethyst Bracelet 5mm 天然黄水晶紫水晶手串 (E719)

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材质:天然黄水晶 / 紫水晶
尺寸:约5mm / 手围约16cm






Material: Natural Citrine / Amethyst
Size: about 5mm
Inner Lenght: about 16cm

Citrine emits yellow cosmic energy. It is commonly known as the stone of wealth. It is mainly for wealth and can prosper and collect wealth; it is called the "merchant's stone". And it can stabilize career development, is similar to the frequency of wealth, and can bring wealth.

Gentle yellow light can inject harmonious power into the soul, and at the same time strengthen the spiritual energy, make people full of confidence and joy, help relieve tension, and help digestive system functions such as the stomach.

Citrine symbolizes happiness, health, and wealth. It can adjust people's emotions, make people calm,  Therefore, the frequent wearing of citrine greatly enhances one's self-confidence, no longer hesitate in encounters, full of confidence, and decisiveness in encounters.

Amethyst is a crystal that symbolizes spirituality and fate. It develops wisdom and enhances fate for you. Since ancient times, amethyst has been used as a token of affection for admirers. It can promote interpersonal relationships, develop wisdom, and strengthen memory and concentration. 

Amethyst can enhance exam luck, regular wearing can bring extravagance, strengthen tolerance, can drive away evil luck, enhance personal luck, and promote intelligence, calm emotions, and it is also the guardian stone of love crystal

Items: Randomly distributed, necessary for fortune, double confidence and courage, good fortune and ward off evil, citrines are crystal clear, shining, and amethysts can increase wisdom and popularity!