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Natural Charoite Pendant 天然紫龙晶吊坠 (S934)

RM 109.00

材质:天然紫龙晶, 铜镶嵌




Material: Natural Charoite, copper Inlay
Size about: length 23.8mm, width 15.5mm
Item: Actual unit, very beautiful dark purple.

Charoite brings positive energy to people who can feel depressed and full of frustration, helps people eliminate negative emotions, and is full of vitality and motivation.

And people with poor psychological quality, fragility and poor stress resistance can also choose to wear a purple dragon crystal jewelry, which can help have an optimistic and positive attitude, remove unfavorable factors, and play a role in alleviating troubles.

Wearing the Charoite Beads is more graceful and luxurious, noble and elegant, extraordinary bearing, and enlightening wisdom.