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Natural Blue Tiger Eye Stone Pendant Necklace 天然蓝虎眼石平安扣吊坠项链 (E1498)

RM 199.00

Material: Natural Blue Tiger Eye
Width & Thickness: 28 x 7.6mm
Necklace: Can be adjusted
Item: Actual unit as picture

Blue Tiger Eye (also called Hawkeye or Falcon Eye) is a stone of abundance an excellent stone to help heal energy. Some believe Blue Tiger Eye is capable of assisting with psychic communication.

This is a very effective stone to use when you are trying to dissolve restrictive and/or negative thought patterns and behaviors. Blue Tiger eye helps you to see the issue, bringing them into sharper focus, and then invigorates you to make the right changes and adhere to them.

This stone helps you to go back to the source of emotional blockages, which then helps you to resolve it so you can live a happier life.

Note: Please note that a different device may display colour differently, the actual item colour may vary slightly from the above images.

宽厚:28mm x 7.6mm