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Natural Blue Apatite Pendant 天然蓝磷灰吊坠(S927)

RM 69.00

小巧可爱,高贵的色彩,发同图,半银镶嵌,尺寸约长17.5mm, 宽9.8mm。





Small and cute, actual unit, half silver Inlay, the size is about 17.5mm long and 9.8mm wide.

Blue apatite help stimulate enthusiasm, strengthen energy reserves, eliminate the cold and withdrawn side of personality, encourage people to be more natural and frank when dealing with others, and make people communicate with others more naturally. Harmony, expressing self-history as convenient and fluent.

In addition, apatite can stimulate creativity, improve intelligence, help to eliminate doubts, expand knowledge and truth, relieve feelings of sadness, apathy and anger, and overcome emotional exhaustion. Apatite can eliminate frustration and help people identify with legitimate desires.

Apatite is a very peaceful gemstone, enabling people who often disagree with each other to work together peacefully. Wearing apatite can make people who are more self-centered, more stubborn and more moderate.

Natural crystals contain such as pit unevenness or inclusions, which are common phenomena in nature. The products of nature are not perfect, and they do not affect the beauty of wearing. Not for perfectionists.