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Natural Black Rutilated Quartz Pendant 天然黑发晶吊坠 (S933)

RM 99.00

Material: Natural Black Rutilated Quartz, copper inlay
Size: about length 25mm, width 11mm
Actual unit as the picture, fashionable

Black Rutilated Quartz is a kind of hair crystal, and its content is black hair-like substance, mostly black tourmaline. Black Rutilated Quartz is also known as the leader stone. Wearing it by leaders, supervisors, chiefs, etc. can increase the charisma of the leader, strengthen the centripetal force of deployment, and contribute to career success. And the black hair crystal looks very cool and full of modernity! Wearing it can increase your aura invisibly.

Black Rutilated Quartz are both known for eliminating negative energy, have a strong ability to avoid evil and transform evil, and can strongly absorb negative energy and avoid unclean magnetic fields. It is believed that black crystals have the effect of warding off evil, and can be effective amulets, anti-witch curses, black spells, etc. Black Rutilated Quartz have strong energy and can strengthen their momentum to eliminate negative energy.

Wearing can eliminate bad magnetic on the body. For example, sickness, complicated places, hospitals and even friends who often need to go out at night can effectively prevent bad magnetic fields. Interference. For office workers or creative workers who often overuse their brains, wearing black crystals has a good balance effect.

Natural crystals contain such as pit unevenness or inclusions, which are common phenomena in nature. The products of nature are not perfect, and they do not affect the beauty of wearing. Not for perfectionists.

材质:天然黑发晶吊坠, 铜镶嵌
尺寸:长约25mm, 宽11mm
物品:发同图, 好酷的风格