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Natural Aquamarine Earring Silver S925 (E1000)

RM 109.00

Natural Aquamarine Earring with S925 Silver Needle. Size 7.5*9.5mm.

Aquamarine is also known as the stone of the brave, a symbol of happiness and luck. Wearing aquamarine can make people brave, confident, prescient, and calmly deal with things when they happen. In the eyes of business people, it symbolizes the broad view of the sea, and because of the unique "good luck" effect, it is also known as the "Blessing God Stone". Therefore, Aquamarine also has the effect of making money

天然海蓝宝耳钉S925纯银耳针 。通透漂亮带有荧光哟!尺寸:约7.5*9.5mm。