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Natural Ammolite Stone Pendant 天然斑彩石吊坠 (S482)

RM 399.00

尺寸:长宽厚 17.7 x 15.6 x 6.5mm




Material: Natural Ammolite Stone
Size: LWT 17.7 x 15.6 x 6.5mm
Item: Half Silver. Actual unit

Ammolite Stone contains great energy, which can bring people all kinds of good luck that mankind seeks, such as health, warding off evil, wealth, family, popularity, reputation, knowledge and power. Not only can it regulate and balance the body's aura, promote physical health, and establish a positive energy field, it can also usher in happiness, and it can also enhance the sixth sense.

Ammolite Stone help to absorb wealth and increase the positive energy aura of Feng Shui. At the same time, the colorful stone is also an exclusive amulet. According to records, it has the effects of calming the mind, calming the nerves, improving sleep, preventing aging, strengthening immunity, and anti-inflammatory and beautiful skin.

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