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Natural Agate Pendant Peach Wood Necklace 天然玛瑙吊坠桃木项链 (E1656)

RM 169.00

天然玛瑙吊坠桃木项链。长宽厚约 53.5 x 53.5 x 10.5mm。 桃木项链不可调节 (长度约70cm)。发同图,时尚文艺风格





Natural Agate & Natural Peach Wood. Length, width & thickness about (53.5 x 53.5 x 10.5mm). Actual unit as the picture. Necklace peach wood cannot be adjustable, lenght about 70cm.

Nice and fashionable natural agate. Agate is an excellent stone for rebalancing and harmonising body, mind and spirit. It cleanses and stabilises the aura, eliminating and transforming negativity.

Agate enhances mental function, improving concentration, perception and analytical abilities. It soothes and calms, healing inner anger or tension and creates a sense of security and safety.

Reminder: Do not touch the wooden skewers with water. If it is dirty, wipe it off with a cloth to avoid deformation and cracking. The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inevitable. The details are subject to the actual item received.