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Natural Agate Chalcedony Earrings S925 Sterling Silver(S367)

RM 49.00

Natural agate chalcedony earrings S925 sterling silver! Elegant and noble! Wearing agate chalcedony is an excellent gemstone that helps to rebalance and coordinate the body and enhance the mind and spirit. It can purify negative energy, make people energetic, relieve heat, and its energy can attract wealth for people, health, safety, and can stop evil. It is a good luck gemstones.

The beads are 6mm and the total length is about 2.2cm.

天然玛瑙玉髓耳环S925纯银! 优雅高贵!佩戴玛瑙玉髓有助于重新平衡和协调身体,提升思想和精神的极佳宝石。它可以净化负性能量,使人精力充沛、解暑、而且它的能量能为人们招来财富、具有辟邪、健康、保平安和可以挡煞,是开运之佳品。

珠子6mm, 总长约2.2cm.