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Green Dragon Crystal Cute Rabbit Pendant 绿龙晶可爱兔子吊坠(S956)

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Size pendant: Length 24.6mm * width 13.9mm * thickness 8.4mm.

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The role and efficacy of green dragon crystal 

1. It helps to eliminate the mystery of the brain, see the truth of the facts, not to be confused by the appearance, to gain true knowledge and wisdom. 

2. It can eliminate the acrimony and sharp teeth, and bring warmth, compassion, joy, openness and a spiritual sense of humor. 

3. Ladies wear green dragon crystal ornaments, which help bring noble, elegant, and extraordinary temperament, as well as compassion and tolerance.

4. Inspire communication with others, be easy to accept others, and have a positive effect on career achievement. Promote relaxation, open your mind, accept new things, no longer stick to conventions, and add "appreciation of beauty" and a wealth of compassion.

5. Eliminate fear, bring courage, confidence, and give people a personality that is soft on the outside and firm on the inside. 

绿龙晶可爱兔子吊坠, 尺寸:长 24.6mm * 宽 13.9mm * 厚 8.4mm。



 1. 有助于消除脑部的谜思,看清事实的真相,不会迷惑于表象,获得真知,通达智慧。



4. 激发与人沟通,易于接受他人,对事业成就有正面作用。促使心情放松,打开胸怀,接受新的事物、观念不再墨守成规,并加入“对美感的鉴赏力”,以及丰富的的慈悲心。