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Fashion Bag 格纹色彩包包(S077)

RM 129.00


包包内可以放长钱包,里面有隔层非常方便放我们的随身物品, 中间的隔层有拉链的哟!后面还有拉链口袋哟!时尚潮流,非常有个性和容易配搭衣服。

高: 18.5cm / 下宽: 11cm / 长: 26cm

The beautiful grid color is so charming! The bright yellow shoulder strap can be worn on one shoulder, crossbody or hand-held. It has its own unique style.

You can put a long wallet in the bag, there is a compartment inside it is very convenient to put our belongings, the middle compartment has a zipper! There are also zipper pockets on the back! Fashion trend, very individual and easy to match clothes.

PU material, comfortable fabric.

Bag size:
Height: 18.5cm / Width: 11cm / Length: 26cm