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Aventurine Golden sandstone Earrings Stainless Steel (S828)

RM 49.00

Aventurine Golden sandstone Earrings Stainless Steel, length 2.5cm.

Jade is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Jade can help us to recharges energy, and traditionally guards against illness. The stone will protect us from harm and keep us healthy. Whether the purpose is to express personal style or to impose good health and fortune, the jade bangle makes a great accessory for any occasion. It is good luck stone.

Golden sandstone is a symbol of opportunity. It helps to seek and gather wealth. The red-brown shining sands are like the treasures of gold diggers. They can best help refresh opportunities and attract destined nobles invisibly. In Indian legend, golden sandstone is a kind of wishing stone, which has the effect of avoiding evil.



金砂石象征机遇的金砂石,有助求财、聚财。 棕红闪耀的金沙就象淘金者的宝贝一样,最能帮助刷新机遇,并且能无形中吸引命中注定的贵人到来。 在印度传说中金砂石是一种许愿石,有避邪作用。