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58mm Natural Agate Chalcedony Bangle 天然玛瑙玉髓手镯 (S533)

RM 299.00

58mm 内径,复古时尚文艺优雅风格的手镯!天然玛瑙玉髓,彰显你的魅力与个性!宽11mm, 厚约7mm。



58mm inner diameter, retro fashion, literary and elegant style bangle! Natural agate chalcedony, highlight your charm and personality! The width is 11mm and the thickness is about 7mm. It is really beautiful!

Agate chalcedony is helpful for fortune and popular business. Purifying negative energy and is helpful for health, and it is also helpful for friends who often suffer from insomnia. It is Lucky stone.

Before buying, please make sure you know what size inner diameter bangle is suitable for you to wear, which can be measured according to the pictures we provide.