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19.5mm Natural Jade Ring 天然翡翠玉戒指 (Z347)

RM 119.00

材质:天然翡翠玉19.5mm 内径 / 宽厚 5.6*3.3mm

玉相传能驱祸辟邪,而且带的时间长的话,玉还会有灵性,能够保佑带它的主人。所谓"人养玉,玉养人",玉佩带时间久了之后,人体能滋养玉,能让玉变得更加的通透、润泽,有灵性。反过来,"玉" 也能养人,"玉" 能提供一些人体必需的微量元素,滋润人体,起到保健的作用,而且佩带 "玉" 时间久后。"玉" 会有灵性,会护主。


Material: natural jadeite 19.5mm inner diameter / width  thickness 5.6*3.3mm.
Actual Unit.

The ancients believed that jade was auspicious thing. It can drive away  evil spirits, have spirituality, attract wealth, and protect the owner. It can also replenish the moisture of jade and keep it moist. Therefore, people often say: (people nourish jade, jade nourish people), if the body is not good for a long time, the mineral elements in jade will be slowly absorbed by the body to achieve health care, promote metabolism, and activate cell molecules in the body.

Warm reminder: If natural jade has natural jade patterns, jade threads, asbestos, stone patterns, minerals, black spots, etc., these are all normal phenomena. The chromatic aberration caused by light, angle, and different displays such as computers, notebooks, mobile phones, etc. are inevitable. The details are subject to the actual item received.