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16.9mm Natural Jade Ring 天然翡翠玉戒指 (S577)

RM 299.00

内径16.9mm,大气时尚高贵!好漂亮哦! 天然翡翠玉戒指!带飘花魅力四射!值得你拥有!适合比较瘦的手指。发同图仅此一枚!玉石有助于健康,劈邪挡煞,保平安,招财,带来好运!

内径16.9mm,宽8mm, 厚3.6mm。

可以根据提供的图片进行测量内径尺寸。手指绕一圈,看是多少cm,然后除于3.14,cm 换去mm就可以知道适合多大内径了。

So Beautiful! Inner diameter 16.9mm, natural jade ring! Glamorous and elegant! Jade with floating flowers patttern!  

The width is 8mm and the thickness is 3.6mm.

Actual Unit as this picture. Jade helps health, protects safety, attracts wealth, and brings good luck!

Can measure with the picture provided to measure of inner diameter. Wrap your finger around it to see how many cm, then divide it by 3.14, and change the cm to mm to know the suitable inner diameter.