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纯天然活水晶室内摆件 Pure Crystal Decoration (H02)

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纯天然活水晶 室内摆件
活水晶约宽高:60 x 140mm

在家或公司内摆放活水晶,不但可以化解冲煞,防辐射,更可以凝聚福气,招来财气,更能增加人缘,自信,健康及生意缘。 每一个天然活水晶都是独一无二的独特形状,活水晶能排除和化解身上和室内的浊气、病气、霉气等,将人体内种种不良的浊气和负能量给排出去。

活水晶摆件是非常好的消磁工具, 可以净化自己带的水晶手串。把水晶手串放在上面就可以了。 如何保养水晶: 活水晶仍是有《生命灵性的水晶》,有时间可以每天喷水哦!如比较繁忙也可以几天喷洒一次清水。如定期喷洒水,活水晶就会越来越亮丽。

提醒: 纯天然活水晶难免有些刮痕,冰裂等均属正常现象,大自然的产物没十全十美,都不影响其功效,反而更显出天然之美。照片与实体颜色难免会有些色差,详情以收到实物为准。

Pure natural crystal indoor decoration
Comes with crystal gravel and basin
Crystal Width Height: 60 x 140mm

Placing Pure crystals at home or in the company can prevent radiation, but also condense blessings, attract wealth, and increase self-confidence, health and business relationships. Each natural pure crystal is a unique shape. The pure crystal can remove negative energy.

Pure crystal also can purify your crystal bracelets. Just put the crystal bracelet on it. How to maintain crystals: Living crystals still have "Crystals of Life and Spirituality", so you can spray water every day if you have time! If it is busy, you can also spray clean water once a few days. If you spray water regularly, the pure crystal will become more and more beautiful.


Reminder: Some scratches, cracks, ice cracks, etc., are inevitably normal for pure natural crystals. The products of nature are not perfect, and they will not affect their efficacy.