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天然月光石手链14k金 Natural Moonstone Bracelet 14k Gold (S361)

RM 129.00

时尚个性的美!天然月光石8.5mm手链14k金! 通透带漂亮的光芒哟!


Natural moonstone 8.5mm bracelet in 14k gold! Transparent with beautiful light!
The length can be adjusted from 15cm-18cm. Will distributed randomly.

Moonstone symbolizes health, wealth and longevity. It can also bring you good luck and a good mood. Moonstone is helpful for sleep, with soft energy, strong delicate penetration, melting and permeating characteristics, and can bring people a calm demeanor and elegant demeanor. It can smooth the intense side of the wearer's impulse, thereby stabilizing the wearer's excitement.

Let the wearer feel calm and return to a rational attitude, so when you are impulsive or feel irritable, you may wish to wear moonlight to relieve your own emotions. Contributes to refreshing thinking, brain thinking, psychic, conducive to clear thinking. Feel the beauty of moonlight.


If the personality is too straightforward, and the speech, behavior, and behavior are often too abrupt and inappropriate for the occasion and atmosphere, it is recommended to wear moonstone jewelry to improve the temperament from the inside out, so as to bring a calm demeanor and elegant attitude.